Incredible high-tech gadgets for your pets (and yourself)

The modern age has given birth to a tonne of high-tech pet gadgets that make ole’ stuffed animals or feather-on-a-string products look rather lame.

If you’re the type of pet lover who enjoys indulging a cat or dog, than you’ll love what we’ve rounded up. We have scoured the internet for the best and most technology-packed trackers, feeders, games, and other over-the-top (and possibly frivolous) toys that will make you and your neighbours and their pets jealous of your animal.

Whistle 3 pet activity tracker

Whistle 3 is the third version of the company’s wireless activity tracker for dogs. It’s a simple waterproof device that allows you to track and monitor your pooch to keep tabs on them. It boasts nationwide pet tracking with location alerts available by email, app and text.

This tracker uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular tech to deliver the most accurate tracking possible, so you’ll always know where your furry loved one is.

Whistle 3’s app also allows owners to measure their dogs’ sleeping patterns, set daily goals, track progress, view activity graphs, and retrieve information pertaining to changes in behaviour. A monthly subscription is required though.

PetNet smart feeder

PetNet is a smart feeder for both dogs and cats. It assesses the dietary requirements of your pet and creates a custom feeding regimen.

It’ll also alert your device when your pet has been fed or when you need to buy more food. You can of course manually adjust feeding schedules from your laptop or mobile device in real-time, from anywhere. And finally, you can use Petnet to track your pet’s calorie intake on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The feeder itself features status LEDs, micro USB power, a food level sensor, and more.

Fitbark 2 dog activity and sleep monitor

FitBark 2 is a cute bone-shaped wireless activity tracker that’s tiny and lightweight but made specifically for dogs.

It attaches to a collar in order to monitor physical activity and rest levels all-day long. It then delivers useful insights and long-term health trend reports about your dog to an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth.

GoPro Fetch

GoPro Fetch is a dog harness that works with all GoPro cameras. You can use it to mount your GoPro to your dog and then capture the world from his/her point of view.

The harness has two mounting locations (chest and back) and is machine-washable. It’s also fully adjustable to fit small, medium and large breed dogs in a variety of sizes. The chest mount is even removable for smaller dogs. Hilariously brilliant YouTube videos await.

Petcube Play

PetCube Play is a stylish box that lets you do more than just keep an eye on your cat or dog when you are away from home. Connected to your Wi-Fi network, Petcube is a simple but brilliant cube that features a wide-angle camera, microphone and low-intensity laser pointer.

It boasts many of the same intelligent features as a modern smart home camera but with the added bonus of interactive play to keep your pet engaged. A two-way communication mode allows you to talk to your pet when you’re not home and the laser means you can play with them too.

Sphero Ollie

The Sphero team has an app-controlled gadget called Ollie. It’s not technically designed for pets, but you can whip around the room or yard using a mobile device as a remote.

Ollie is cylindrical in shape and goes 14 mph, which is sure to keep your furry friends entertained or at least curious. These toys are technically for humans, but tonnes of videos on YouTube prove that both cats and dogs love them too.

Furbo interactive dog camera

If you hate leaving your dog alone at home then this might be the gadget for you – especially if he or she is prone to mischief when left alone too long. Along comes Frubo – the interactive pet camera.

With this simple, but brilliant gadget you can communicate two-way with your dog from your smartphone. You can also toss them a treat and even play a game with them while you’re out of the home. Isn’t technology grand? This is one toy that’s bound to get tails wagging!

Pooch Selfie attachment

Getting your dog to sit still and behave long enough for an awesome photo is a tough ask. Yet a simple gadget could make a world of difference. The Pooch Selfie is one such example – an attachment for your smartphone that lets you clip your dog’s favourite ball above the camera to keep their attention.

Other examples are available that allow you to attach treats if toys don’t quite cut the mustard in terms of being attractive enough to keep your four-legged friend in place to pose for a snap.

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